Brighter times ahead with Steni

Fungus and rot, rusted rebar and crumbling concrete. After extensive renovations, this housing cooperative in Voss has become new and modern.

“The building was in a poor condition, there had been no major renovations since the building was built in 1979,” says Edvin Alfred Erntsen, chair of the Lundarosen housing cooperative in Voss in Norway. He and the rest of the board therefore asked the General Meeting for funds to initiate a renovation project.
“It really was high time to get it done,” he continues.

“Everything” is new

Now, after a lot of work and long processes, Erntsen and the rest of the board can finally enjoy the results of their investment of NOK 28.5 million.

“We are very pleased,” says Erntsen, who can delight in buildings that have had virtually “everything” done – from new roofs and entrances, new doors and windows and new insulation, to thermostatic heating cables in the rain gutters to melt the snow.

Easy to maintain

“And not least, the façade has been renovated,” says Erntsen, pointing out that the original asbestos panels have been removed.

“Steni façade panels have given the buildings a beautiful and contemporary surface.”

The chair of the housing cooperative is pleased that their choice of façade panels landed on what he feels is an almost maintenance-free product.

“We had a little moss growing on one side of the buildings. It was because there is not enough roof overhang there,” he says.

But the green stains can easily be removed, as he has experienced.

“With dish soap and water in a spray bottle, I was able to wash it away. The panels are as good as new,” he says.

Steni’s façade panels have given the buildings a beautiful and contemporary surface.​ Edvin Alfred Erntsen, Chair of the Lundarosen housing cooperative in Voss ​
It means something that Steni provides a 60 year product warranty.​ Harald Molven, Engineer​

Hold up well in a tough climate

Engineer Harald Molven took over as both construction manager and project manager when those who started the work left their positions. He can confirm Erntsen’s positive experiences with Steni’s façade panels.

“I have used Steni on several previous projects and my experience is that the product is durable. It really means something that Steni provides a 40 year product warranty,” he says.

The climate in Western Norway can be challenging for many types of materials – a lot of wind and rain.

“Steni's façade panels hold up well in the climate here in Western Norway,” says Molven.

Democratic colour scheme

The residents themselves chose the colour scheme. This gives everyone a stronger feeling of ownership of the renovation work, believes the chair of the housing cooperative.

“We convened a meeting of our members, where they were presented with alternative solutions,” says Erntsen.

Their choice landed on bright grey in contrast to some darker grey sections.

“The buildings look great in the chosen colours,” he says.