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Steni Protego is a stone composite roofing panel with a smooth or rough surface.

Steni Protego roof panels have been developed in collaboration with leading architects to work with standard solar cell solutions to form an integrated design. Steni Protego panels are made from environmentally friendly natural materials providing a durability and aesthetically pleasing product with a 40-year functional warranty.

A stylish and strong roof

With Steni Protego roof panels you have the opportunity to create a stylish expression that matches and improves the expression of the building. It is also possible to integrate with solar panels; which will give a beautiful expression thanks to this innovative solution.

Unleash your creativity

Whether the goal is to create a stylish look or a spectacular expression Steni Protego roof panels live up to the challenge:

  • Steni Protego panels come in standard colours and formats
  • As well as two surface texture options; one smooth and one rough surface.


40-year functional warranty on the roof

Steni Protego panels do not absorb moisture and are not affected by UV radiation. This means that the panels:

  • Are unaffected by fros
  • Do not delaminateur
  • Do not loose their colour


This applies even in the harshest conditions, as Steni Protego was developed in Norway, precisely with an eye for their extreme weather conditions.


The harmonious, innovative or exceptional roof expression that was the goal during the creation is still sharp 40 years later. At least!


Integrated solar cell solution that lets the architecture shine

With an innovative approach, we have succeeded in creating a roof solution with integrated solar cells that leaves the building's architectural structure untouched.


Save money on the installation of Steni Protego Panels

The panels are very durable and robust, and therefore easy to handle and install. This is reflected in:

  • Do not break during handlin

  • You may walk on the panels during installation

  • The finishes are easy to incorporate.


Steni Protego panels are fast to install and with minimal waste.


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Order samples

"The roof looks impressive. It is only when the sun is high in the sky that you sense that it is not the same roof covering that covers the entire roof, because the solar cells take on a dark blue glow. Otherwise you won't see it. The other solar cell solutions had changed the architecture, but the integrated solution has not"

- Søren Schaldemann Hansen, Project manager at ISAGER Arkitekter


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Smooth version - supplied in all standard colours

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Rough surface consisting of fine sand

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Product Properties

Easy installation
40 year warranty
Easy cleaning
Impact resistant
Withstands frost and water
Low weigh
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Standard formats for diagonal or rectangular installation:

  • 595 x 595 mm
  • 1195 x 1195 mm

Ask for project-adapted format.


Steni Protego spec for the integrated solar cell solution:

Standard formats: 595x595 og 1195x1195

Special formats: Other formats on request per project. 

Standard colour: SN8900 mat

Special colour: On request we may match most colours.

Download datasheet for more details.