Steni adds colour to Bergen

“We’re proud of the result, which is turning out to be truly beautiful – and we’re looking forward to seeing the entire renovation finished.” So says Tine C. Haug, deputy chairman of the board of Solheimslien Housing Cooperative in Bergen.


The Solheimslien apartment blocks are livening up the city of Bergen.

Brand new blocks?

“They’re certainly attracting attention. In fact, people who come to viewings when the apartments are put up for sale actually ask if they are brand new blocks,” she says. “And it must be said that the apartment blocks do look almost like new buildings – on account of the new balconies and the colours that light up ‘the whole of’ Bergen.”

People who come for viewings when some of the apartments are put up for sale wonder if they are brand new blocks.​ Tine C. Haug, deputy chairman of the board of Solheimslien Housing Cooperative in Bergen​


Solheimslien Borettslag (housing cooperative) was established in the Årstad area of Bergen in 1966. The cooperative comprises 320 residential units and features eight apartment blocks: five low-rise and three high-rise. The 2013 general meeting set up a construction committee to deal with the renovation process on behalf of the cooperative, and the project is now approaching completion.

A lot of people think the Solheimslien apartment blocks are brand new.

Major project

In addition to the new façade panels and the new colours, the residents now have extended balconies, roof terraces that get plenty of sun, new air conditioning units, improved emergency exit routes and new windows – in addition to measures to improve the outdoor areas.

Some of the renovation costs are being covered by the sale of 39 new basement and roof apartments. Façade panels from Steni and post-insulation upgraded the apartment blocks to energy class 1, and the cooperative has also received subsidy from Enova.

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The Solheimslien Housing Cooperative renovation project is approaching completion

The residents ofSolheimslien Housing Cooperative are proud of their colourful new façades.