Facades with a focus on the environment and sustainability

At Steni, we work to minimize the negative impact of our products and processes on the environment both locally and globally. We have a special focus on continuous improvement of the carbon footprint and our products are and will remain in the leading tier. Minimal environmental impact - of course!


  • Low global environmental impact
  • No environmentally harmful substances
  • Long lifetime
  • Best environmental classification
  • Waste management system
  • Environmentally sound packaging for shipments to construction sites

Products from STENI have a low carbon footprint. STENI’s products produce 14 to 17 kg CO2/m2. A life-cycle analysis has been conducted for STENI façade panels and all our panels have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in accordance with ISO 14025/ISO 21930/EN15804/. The calculation has been performed and verified by a third party, EPD generator from LCA.no. EPD documents have been approved by EPD Norway.

No environmentally harmful substances
EU: None of STENI AS’s products contain substances on the REACH list.

Nordics: None of STENI ’s products contain substances on the REACH list, on the Norwegian priority list, the Sunda Hus priority list or the Nordic Ecolabel Appendix 6.

Long lifetime
With a long lifetime and low resource consumption for maintenance, STENI panels are an environmentally sound choice. The Life Cost Calculation (LCC) (NS 3454:2013) of a product is a good indication of the product’s resource consumption over time. Products from STENI have a low LCC.

Material Service Life is becoming more and more important​ Harald N. Røstvik, Professor of Architecture​

Steni Colour Reuse – Façade system designed for reuse

Reuse of building materials is the current and future answer to several global environmental challenges. Steni Colour Reuse is a façade system designed to be used repeatedly.

Our façade panels have a life expectancy of over 100 years, which makes them a good choice for the environment and sustainability.  Steni have taken the step even further by launching Steni Colour Reuse, a set of standardized façade panels that systemize reuse. These are façade panels that can be updated and reused after they are completed in their service in a building. This is sustainability in practice.

Read more about Steni Colour Reuse here

Sustainable and robust facades from nature

Steni Nature are sustainable, long lasting façade panels with surfaces from nature. These have been in Steni's range since the start in 1965 and, like all Steni façade panels, are very durable. They are made to withstand the rigors of nature and weather.

Recycled glass

Most of the surfaces on the Steni Nature panels are made with crushed natural stone, but now Steni has gone even further and launched a façade panel with recycled glass. Not only is it environmentally friendly reuse of glass but it provides a beautiful, sparkling surface by reflective light.


Among the selection of Steni Nature you will find façade panels with a surface made of recycled glass.

Steni follows the UN's sustainability goals

Steni prioritises these areas of the UN's sustainability goals.

We at Steni want to make a positive contribution by minimizing our negative impact on the environment. We follow the UN's sustainability goals and give special priority to eight of them.

3 - Good health and quality of life

5 - Gender equality

7 - Clean energy for everyone

8 - Decent work and economic growth

9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure

12 - Responsible consumption and production

13 - Stop climate change

16 - Peace, justice, anti-corruption and well-functioning institutions

Read more about these and the other sustainability goals on the UN's own pages.

Environmental classifications

  • EPD documents (EPD Norway and Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.) (EU)
  • ECO Product (Norway)
  • Sunda Hus (Sweden)
  • ECO Platform (EU)

Waste management
STENI sorts all waste internally in accordance with the Grønt Ansvar (Green Responsibility) scheme we have joined with Veolia Miljø. Grønt Ansvar is a comprehensive programme for documented and systematic waste management.

STENI façade panels are packaged using wood, paper and recyclable plastic. The packaging is adapted so that it can be easily sorted at the construction site. Offcuts / left-over panels can be delivered as general waste for standard waste collection.