Steni supplies façade for CNN favourite build

Façade panels from Steni will adorn the much-heralded Powerhouse Telemark in Porsgrunn, one of ten buildings that CNN believes will set the standard for 2020.

CNN ranked Powerhouse Telemark in third place on its list “The most anticipated buildings set to shape the world in 2020”. When the building in Porsgrunn is completed in June, it will be one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the world. A Powerhouse produces more energy than it uses throughout its life.


Minimal energy needs, maximal energy utilisation

CNN is enthusiastic about the building’s elegant diamond shape, as well as about its design that maximises the solar energy it captures. The building has also been praised for its use of recycled materials from local demolition projects in order to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. As CNN writes, Powerhouse Telemark sets “a new standard for the construction of the buildings of tomorrow.”


Short-travelled façade panels

For this building, Steni is supplying Steni Colour façade panels in the colour 8008M. Steni Colour is manufactured less than 40 km from Powerhouse Telemark. The outer walls are traditional energy-efficient walls clad with the façade panels. Outside that there will be a ribbed façade of fireproof impregnated timber.


Architecture from Snøhetta

Powerhouse Telemark was given form by the architects at Snøhetta. This world-renowned architecture firm, famous for iconic buildings such as the new library in Alexandria and the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet building in Oslo, has a reputation for creating innovative and environmentally friendly buildings. The design of Powerhouse Telemark has been optimised to capture solar energy, and the architects have suggested materials that limit both energy consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions.


Produces more energy than it uses

Powerhouse Telemark will be one of the world’s most energy-efficient buildings. In fact, it will produce about 239,000 kWh per year from its photovoltaic cells – effectively making it a small power plant supplying surplus electricity back to the grid.


Awarded “Excellent” BREEAM-NOR certification

Powerhouse Telemark is the first BREEAM-NOR certified building in Telemark. Indeed, it has been certified in the category “Excellent”, the second-highest possible level in the environmental certification scheme. Its energy requirements are 66 per cent less than those of a typical new build.


An environmentally friendly choice

“We are proud to be supplying Steni panels for Powerhouse Telemark,” says Jan Terje Nielsen of Steni AS. “When an architecture firm as renowned as Snøhetta chooses materials, they are highly aware of environmental properties, as well as lifetime and aesthetics. In recent years we have supplied panels for various BREEAM “Excellent”-certified projects, where the clients’ requirements regarding the environment, durability, appearance and maintenance were decisive,” he continues.


In recent years we have supplied panels for various BREEAM “Excellent”-certified projects, where the clients’ requirements regarding the environment, durability, appearance and maintenance were decisive.​ JAN TERJE NIELSEN, STENI AS​​


Attractive office building in Porsgrunn

The ground was broken in September 2018, and the “green diamond” will be ready for use in June 2020. One of the world’s most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings, Powerhouse Telemark offers 8,313 m² of floor space over 11 storeys. It will feature facilities such as a fitness studio, shower/cloakrooms, a foyer, a canteen and an exclusive roof terrace – all very attractive for tenants.

“Actually, the building is already over 80 per cent allocated,” reveals Tommy Thovsland, Project Manager for the client, R8 Property AS.

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