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With Steni Colour façade panels you can play with colours, colour combinations and surfaces to give your building a perfect appearance. You may choose from 80 standard colours and three surface gloss levels, or you may choose a special colour based on NCS or RAL. Customize with our three edge colors, which are light or dark core – or with black painted edges. Test colours on buildings

Bring back the colours of your architecture

Based on historical colours in urban areas, here we present a selection of hues and shades chosen to inspire creative expression. The colors aren't trendy, or made to keep up with fashion. These colors are timeless, honest, and full of meaning.


Why are colours important in urban and urban development?
A brand new colour collection, developed in collaboration with Scandinavia's leading colour experts. The colours make it easy to safeguard place identities and correct use of colour in urban areas.

The new colour map emphasizes a cultural-historical colour character, and is based on cultural-historical combinations from the Baroque to modernism.


Play with colour in our digital colour universe

We have developed a digital tool where you can test different colour combinations to find the perfect combination for your project. Click here to try it now. 

STENI Colour are available in three glosses: Matt, semi-matt and high gloss

Product properties

Easy installation
Pre-cut format
Low cost durability
60 years warranty
Low carbon footprint
Easy cleaning
Impact resistant
Frost resistant and water impermeable
Product propertiesicon


Stocked format:

1195 x 2995 mm


Standard production:

295 x (1195 mm – 3495 mm)
x (850 mm – 3495 mm)


Custom production:

(292 – 1195 mm) x (850 – 3495)


Full production width of 1195 mm is always charged

Re:Colour – A brand new colour collection

See the collection of colours that make it easier to safeguard place identities and correct use of colour in urban areas.

Rules for coloring façade

Do you want to use more colors for your project? See advice from colour expert Kine Angelo for great colour combinations.

The façade system designed for reuse

Steni Colour Reuse – new concept for sustainable reuse of façade panels