Just as attractive after 20 years!

The Vadmyra housing cooperative in Bergen was renovated 20 years ago. It chose STENI Colour façade panels and the buildings' exteriors are just as attractive today as when the cladding was installed.

Lisbeth Marhaug, who was the board chair of the housing cooperative at the time, had this to say about the project:
“After 25 years, our buildings sorely needed a facelift. They had the look of cheap 1970s public housing and just didn’t meet modern housing standards.”

It was important for us to choose a material that would be maintenance-free for many years.​ Lisbeth Marhaug, FORMER BOARD CHAIR OF THE VADMYRA HOUSING COOPERATIVE​

“...and we chose Steni Colour with its smooth surface that would attract as little dirt as possible. The large selection of colours was also important for us.”

The Vadmyra housing cooperative chose STENI Colour panels, which have a long life, are easy to clean and maintain their beauty year after year.

Very satisfied

Today, 20 years after their facelift, the 551 apartments in two high-rise buildings and six low-rise buildings look just as attractive as when they were first renovated.

“We are very satisfied with the façade panels. They have kept their colour very well over 20 years, and are easy to keep clean. Visually, they have certainly lived up to our expectations," says Stian Haugland, Maintenance Manager at the Vadmyra housing cooperative.

When the housing cooperative was renovated 20 years ago, the outdoor areas were repaired and the buildings' exteriors were given a facelift. Both the buildings and the grounds remain just as attractive today.

Documented durability

They may not be today's on-trend colours, but the façade panels that were installed 20 years ago have definitely stood the test of time.

Kenneth Haugen, Steni’s Regional Manager in Hordaland, says he likes to take prospective clients out to the Vadmyra housing cooperative to demonstrate the durability of Steni’s façade panels.

They may not be today's on-trend colours, but the façade panels have definitely stood the test of time.​ Kenneth Haugen, REGIONAL MANAGER STENI​

“Twenty years ago, this was a pioneering renovation project, which included all the outdoor areas as well as the exterior of the buildings. And we are very proud that we had the opportunity to be a part of it,” he explains.