Announcing the launch of a new collection – Steni Vision Standard

We are now launching a new collection – Steni Vision Standard. As many as 64 ready-to-use designs with different expressions and colour variations.

With Steni Vision façade panels, you can create your very own façade design. Either by creating a specially designed façade with Steni Vision Custom, or by choosing a ready-to-use surface from Steni Vision Standard.

 The new Steni Vision Standard consists of as many as 64 different designs, featuring a wide range of materials such as metal, wood and stone. The designer is the experienced Freekje Vervoord from the Dutch design agency M2uur, who specialises in developing unique design files .

 Download the PDF to view the entire new Steni Vision Standard collection.

 Download the Steni Vision brochure.


Choosing Steni Vision façade panels is a smart choice for several reasons. For one, the design on the façade panels is highly durable. Many other materials fade or change quickly and unevenly due to light and stresses from nature. In addition, installing façade panels is cheaper and quicker than using many other façade materials. The panels are virtually maintenance-free and come with a 60-year warranty.

 We asked designer Freekje Vervoord to explain the benefits of choosing Steni Vision instead of natural materials such as real wood, stone and metal, and she explained:

 “Natural materials are completely unique, so no two panels are alike. Take, for example, the popular Bianco Carrara marble, a widely used and much-loved material. The downside is that it is expensive and bad for the environment. I It is not a renewable resource. Marble also presents a number of technical challenges. It is not uncommon for marble façades to have to be regularly replaced due to discolouration, pollution etc. Why not replace the marble with Steni panels featuring a printed Bianco Carrara design? Both the material and installation costs are significantly lower. Wood requires maintenance, and metal can suffer from discolouration, corrosion and metal fatigue.”


Freekje Vervoord regards it as an honour to have been asked to develop the new collection. She says that Steni’s unique way of creating new patterns means that you can create almost anything you want, which gives architects an enormous amount of freedom.

 “I believe that this will revolutionise the façades of the future and is something all architects should learn about. It is a new way of thinking and working – previously we were limited to what the manufacturers could offer. Now you can create a unique design for each individual project that fits the building like a tailored suit. This makes it possible to give façades identity, recognisability and authenticity. ..and provides complete and unfettered design freedom.”

Freekje Vervoord

Now you can create a unique design for each individual project that fits the building like a tailored suit. This makes it possible to give façades identity, recognisability and authenticity...and provides complete and unfettered design freedom.​ FREEKJE VERVOORD, M2UUR​

The new collection has been designed from scratch on computer, whereas previously scans of existing materials were printed on the façade panels.

“This gives us much more freedom of design. We developed the collection so we could work with four different themes with interesting variations. The range is not based on existing textures, such as wood, stone or metal, but is designed with no limits whatsoever. This actually creates an illusion,” says the designer.

Freekje Vervoord explains that each design basically consists of six variants, but that if a customer wants more variants, these can easily be added. The fact that everything is created digitally makes it possible to adapt designs so that there is no distracting repetition of the patterns. These customisation options are one major benefit of this new method of creating designs for façade panels.

“As far as I know, there is no one else who can do this. Because the files are digitally reproduced, you can choose any colour, size or texture, or a different format. This is not possible with other brands, where you are limited to existing designs.”

View all 64 new Steni Vision Standard designs HERE.

Download the Steni Vision brochure to read more.


Steni Vision:

  • Choose from 64 beautiful, ready-developed designs using Steni Vision Standard.

  • Allows you to create your own unique façade expression with advanced printing of the surface. 

  • Steni Vision Custom allows you to create a completely unique expression using your own photos, illustrations or other motifs.
  • Available in three gloss levels: matt, half matt and high gloss.

  • Steni composite panels come with a 60-year warranty.