How to remove graffiti

Cleaning graffiti off buildings can be a time-consuming and frustrating business. In this article, we’ll show you how Steni’s façade panels can be made to look like new when they are cleaned properly.

How to remove graffiti from façade panels.

  1. Choose the right products.
  2. Apply the cleaning agent.
  3. Leave the product to work as indicated on the instructions.
  4. Rinse from the bottom up with hot water (warmer than 80 °C).
  5. Apply a product designed to remove shadows.
  6. Rinse from the bottom up with hot water (warmer than 80 °C).

Steni has a partnership with Blue & Green AS, which develops and manufactures cleaning products for a wide variety of surfaces. The exact products you use depends on what has been used to mark the wall, and they are gentle both on cleaning personnel and on the environment.

“When removing graffiti, it is important to have knowledge of the type of surface you want to clean and what types of paint the taggers used,” says Bjørn Longva at PBT Sør-Øst AS, who warns against trying to remove graffiti without consulting a professional.

“It is important to understand exactly how it should be removed so that no dyes or binding agents are absorbed deeper into the materials. No matter what method or product you use, hot water is absolutely essential.”

In the video, Bjørn uses Graffiti Remover Red and Graffiti Remover Kilroy from Blue & Green AS. You can read more about these products here.

Watch how easy it is to clean STENI façade panels.