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Steni Nature is an environmentally friendly and robust façade panel of stone composite with gorgeous surfaces of crushed natural stone, olivine and recycled glass.

Steni Nature has been developed in collaboration with leading architects and, in addition to its beautiful appearance, has several good qualities. They are made with sustainable, locally sourced natural materials and are robust panels that can withstand the stresses of nature. 60-year functional warranty.

Façade panels on nature's terms

Steni Nature is available in several natural stone colours, many of which come with four different aggregate sizes: From 6 to 14mm - fine micro, fine, medium and rough. In addition, you can have Steni Nature made with recycled glass or olivine – one of Norway's most exciting minerals.


The façade panels are installed as aerated cladding, and the work can be carried out all year round – regardless of temperature and weather conditions. Steni's façade panels are 100 percent diffusion dense, which means that they can also withstand being submerged in water.


Steni's façade panels need minimal maintenance and can be cleaned with most products used in house cleaning.

Steni Nature is available in four different grades: Fine micro, fine, medium and coarse

With Steni Nature you can achieve the most beautiful façade expressions. Steni Nature is great on its own, but also stands well in combination with other materials, such as wood, plaster or our other surfaces. Browse the gallery below for more examples.

Steni Nature – Relaunched with new surfaces

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SN604 White Glass

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SN605 Mixed Glass

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SN502 Scandinavian Forest (olivine)

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SN503 Ice Age

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Product properties

Easy installation
Pre-cut format
Low cost durability
60 years warranty
Low carbon footprint
Easy cleaning
Impact resistant
Frost resistant and water impermeable
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Stocked format:

1,195 x 2,995 mm


Standard production:

295 x (1,195 mm – 3,495 mm)
x (850 mm – 3,495 mm)


Custom production:

(292 – 1,195 mm) x (850 – 3,495)


Full production width of 1195 mm is always charged.

Façade panels on nature's terms

Steni Nature is now being relaunched in several state-of-the-art and beautiful versions, with surfaces such as recycled glass, olivine and river stone.

Recycled glass becomes gorgeous façade panels

Old glass is recycled and reused to create gorgeous façade panels with elegant and natural look.

Olivine – one of Norway's most exciting minerals

Steni's continuous search for new materials has yielded results: the beautiful green mineral olivine.

ERA Contour – modern and majestic

Steni Nature in combination with glass creates a whole that makes the colors play optimally together in the large windows.